Auto Repair and Tire Service in Colville, WA

A-Automotive is there for you!


A Automotive started out in 1986 with a dream from a small boy in first grade. Dale Anderson wanted to own his own full service station where you washed windows, pumped gas, checked engine oil and had a full lube, oil, and filter minor repair facility. Colville at that time only had one full service station left out of 13 and he was old enough to count them on every corner in Colville.


Dale, born and raised in the Colville area, married his wife Sharon and raised their three children. Sharon helped establish the business on the financial end as Dale worked the nuts and bolts side. They started the business from working out of the back of Dale’s pickup truck traveling from home to home to repair customer’s vehicles. Dale also had a couple of customers that had large garages to work out of and traded labor for rent.  


As the customer clientele grew, Dale needed an area to be a central location, so that is when he moved to the old Save-All gas station at the south end of town. He was also hired in 1988 to 1990 to work at Northwest Alloys in Addy, while still keeping his customers satisfied by working on his time off. During this time Dale and Sharon saved up money to purchase the property at the current location of 361 W 5th Ave. This property was just a small lot with a small house on it that was removed and they built a three-bay shop with a small office in 1990.


Family-Owned Business


Dale hired Sharon’s father Leroy Weisz who has worked with Dale at the local Ford dealership since the early 1970s. In 1992 Leroy’s wife Shirley got sick and he wanted to stay home full time with his wife. This brought Sharon into the Service Writer position where she worked until Aron came into the business to help fill that position. This now makes it the third generation in the business.


 As business began to grow in 1991 he built two more bays onto the back of the current three-bay sections. Then in the winter of 1993 the land to the west came up for sale so Dale and Sharon purchased the land and began phase three in 1994, which added two more bays and a new office and turned the old office into the waiting room. With the two new bays, A-Automotive added alignments to better serve our customer with a more complete automotive maintenance car care center.


            Then in 1999 A Automotive, Inc. approached the land owner to the east of them that had an older large white house to see if they could purchase this property. The contract went though and the large white house began to come down in the year 2000. This land today is used for a parking lot.


            The property then to the west came up for sale, which Mr. McMillan purchased  from Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain a few years earlier and Mr. McMillan approached Dale and Sharon to see if they would like to purchase the large shop and land. As progress developed and the needs of our customer clientele grew, we purchased this property in 2001 and with some remodeling and adding three more bays, A-Automotive, Inc. began doing tires and carrying the line of Cooper Tires. We now have the ability to purchase other brand named tires for our customers. A-Automotive, Inc. would like to be your one-stop automotive maintenance car care center, from bumper to bumper. We don’t do body work; we will leave that to our local body repair shops in the area.




            We would like to thank all our customers over the period of years as we have grown from 3 bays to now 10 bays and one outside hoist. We are one of a few shops that do full service automotive and tires as well as turning flywheels. We work on all makes and models with only a few foreign vehicles we are limited to work on, but still, we do most all the general maintenance on those foreign cars. We would like to thank our employees who are ASE technicians for all their hard work and knowledge. We thank our son Aron Anderson for coming to work for his parents. As a teen Aron worked during the summer months and learning about the business and in 2001, he started working for us full time in hopes of taking over when Dale retires. Dale said he is not sure if he will ever retire because he loves what he does and he loves to help his customers. He takes time with them and makes sure that they understand the mechanics of their vehicle.


Undergoing Training to Better Serve Customers


            We are a family-owned business committed to the community in Colville and the surrounding area to do the very best service possible for our customers. We are enrolled in the Automotive Training Institute, which is a 30-month extensive training program to train from owner to Service Writer to even the technicians on the latest techniques of promoting service to our customers and their vehicles. We are maintenance oriented and teach our customers how to maintain the life of their vehicles as the industry changes. We work from engine to electrical, brakes to exhaust, transmission to transfer cases, and tires to alignments.


            If you have not come to see us at A Automotive Tire Pros at 361 W 5th Ave, we encourage you to come in and check us out.